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Action Center

The National Parks Conservation Association is America's only private, non profit advocacy organization dedicated solely to protecting, preserving, and enhancing the National Park System.

Current Advocacy Campaigns from NPCA

  • Tell Congress: No Anti-Environment Additions to Spending Bill
    Don't let Congress use the urgency of the federal spending bill as an excuse to roll back important protections for our national parks. Take action now!
  • 9 National #ParksInPeril: Take Action!
    Nine of our most beloved national parks are in danger from threats within and just outside their borders. Urge the Obama Administration to safeguard these nine parks before permanent damage is done. Stand up for your national parks today!
  • Congress: Reauthorize and Invest in the Land & Water Conservation Fund
    Please write your members of Congress and urge them to reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which helps protect private lands that can be developed within some of our nation's most inspiring and nationally significant national parks.
  • Restore Clean Air to Our National Parks!
    Ask President Obama and EPA to close loopholes that are preventing clean air in our national parks.
  • Congress: Please Restore Park Funding for 2016
    The Park Service proposed budget for next year makes a much-needed investment in our country's most treasured natural and historical places. Urge your members of Congress to support the requested funding increase for national parks in Fiscal Year 2016.
  • Take Action: Fracking Threatens Health of National Parks
    If the administration does not establish rules that effectively regulate environmental impacts of fracking, more than 100 of our most treasured national parks may be harmed. Tell the president that fracking must be done in a way that protects our parks.
  • Our National Parks
    Please join the National Parks Conservation Association and send a message to the President and Congress that our national parks matter.