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Grand Canyon National Park

9 Romantic Park Trips for You and Your Valentine

Whether you want to live it up near the city lights or get away from it all under the starlight, national parks provide a wealth of amorous adventures for you and your Valentine.

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Creative Action Network

Artists Reimagine Classic Park Posters

More than 75 years ago, President Franklin D. Roosevelt commissioned thousands of posters for national parks and other landmarks through a campaign to put artists to work. Now, NPCA has partnered with the Creative Action Network to reimagine these historic posters through the See America project. Anyone can contribute designs to the crowdsourced collection, browse the diverse artwork, and buy prints at

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Take Action for Biscayne’s Coral Reefs

Biscayne National Park’s delicate coral reef ecosystems are under threat from overfishing and other human interference. Unfortunately, the park's proposed alternative in its new draft management plan would further deplete these irreplaceable aquatic species. Please join NPCA in asking the park superintendent to create a marine reserve that would prohibit fishing in areas where the park’s unique coral reef habitat is severely threatened.

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SciSource illustration

The Coolest Critters That Roamed Tule Springs

The largest cat that ever lived. Mammoths with teeth bigger than your head. It may be hard to imagine, but fearsome prehistoric animals once roamed a few miles from what is now Las Vegas. For years, NPCA and a diverse group of local advocates have worked to preserve 23,000 acres of scientifically valuable land as a national monument in Tule Springs, Nevada. Here are five cool critters whose stories would also be preserved.

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Port Chicago

5 Unexpected Places to Commemorate Black History Month

National parks help preserve the legacy of visionary Americans like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Harriet Tubman, and tell the story of the struggle for equality at landmark sites like the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site. Yet many lesser-known park sites focus on compelling and unexpected chapters in African-American history. Here are five fascinating but less obvious places to commemorate Black History Month.

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Did Activism Help Utah's Lands?

Five years ago, protester Tim DeChristopher disrupted a public oil and gas lease auction in Utah in the hopes of preventing inappropriate drilling near two iconic national parks. Meanwhile, advocates—including NPCA—brought lawsuits against the Bureau of Land Management in an attempt to fix their flawed planning and leasing processes. Did years of fighting to protect public lands from inappropriate energy development actually amount to anything for the Southwest and its national parks?

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Climate Ride

Quiz: Are You Ready for a Bike Challenge to Protect National Parks?

Are you looking for a mental and physical challenge? Do you love national parks and wish you could do something about climate change? Would you enjoy meeting other eco-crusaders and bicycling for hundreds of miles alongside new friends? You or someone you know might be just who NPCA is looking for to join our enthusiastic staff cyclists on one of three Climate Ride challenges in 2014. Take our easy quiz to find out!

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Check out the latest issue of National Parks magazine, which features articles about Isle Royale’s declining wolf population, the fascinating life of Roger Williams, NPCA’s partnership with an innovative arts organization, and a trip to Mount Rainier National Park.

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Support National Parks with NPCA Checks

With each purchase, 10% of the sale price of products branded with our logo (including checks, address labels, and contact cards) comes directly back to support our work. These environmentally conscious checks are printed on recycled paper with vegetable-based inks and feature iconic park images like Yosemite's Half Dome and Yellowstone’s Old Faithful.

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ParkScapes Travel:
Columbia & Snake Rivers Journey

Experience the best of the Pacific Northwest as we retrace Lewis & Clark’s rich history of exploration, discover the lush landscapes, taste the region’s culinary treasures, and enjoy a visit to Fort Clatsop National Memorial. River cruise departs September 2014.

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Photo Caption: The Palouse River Trip Dennis.

Ruth and Sarah

Mother-Daughter Conservation Inspiration

“I tell everyone that Mom is my conservation inspiration. … The times we’ve spent together in national parks are the most cherished moments of our lives.” Stewardship is a family affair in the most recent Trustees for the Parks newsletter.

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“Within national parks is room—glorious room—room in which to find ourselves, in which to think and hope, to dream and plan, to rest and resolve.”
-Enos Mills
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