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Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument

FEATURED PARK: Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument, Maryland

A hundred years after her death, the Park Service has created a new national monument to honor Underground Railroad conductor Harriet Tubman, who helped bring dozens of enslaved Americans to freedom and fought for equal rights for all people. Not only is this park a testament to her remarkable legacy, its 25,000 acres also encompass beautiful natural areas for wildlife-watching, hiking, biking, and paddling.

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Glacier fracking

BLM: Fracking Rules Must Protect Parks

New advances in fracking techniques for oil and gas drilling have resulted in a rapid increase in the number of wells and leases around the country. Many of these sites are located near our national parks, and NPCA is concerned about potential impacts to park air, water, and wildlife. Send a message to the Bureau of Land Management that their new fracking regulations must protect national parks.

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Expedition Denali

Expedition Denali’s Epic Journey

It wasn’t just the journey of a lifetime for this troupe of explorers—it was a welcome mat for adventurers to come. The African-American climbing team Expedition Denali trained extensively for their trip up the tallest mountain in North America last June. But the greater goal was to inspire youth—especially minority youth—to get outdoors, fulfill their dreams, and bridge the “adventure gap” so that more people of all backgrounds embrace environmental protection.

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budget infographic

Budget Cuts by the Numbers

Seasonal positions eliminated. Full-time jobs staffed at part-time levels. Campgrounds closed and events canceled. These are all results of budget cuts now in place across hundreds of national park sites during the busy summer season. See a visual breakdown of some of these impacts and learn more about the continuing effects of the sequester in our newest infographic.

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Everglades Day

Future Stewards Explore Florida’s Parks

Youth in the Miami area have two world-class national parks right in their backyards, but many have never visited these vibrant, awe-inspiring places. NPCA recently partnered with Mahogany Youth, a local nonprofit dedicated to empowering youth, on several trips to enjoy the wonders of Biscayne and the Everglades—and encourage a new generation of nature lovers to become advocates to help protect them.

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USS Arizona

The Awe of Standing with History

National parks allow us to witness the very places where history unfolded and feel as though we are still a part of them today. One history buff recently traveled for the first time to the USS Arizona in Hawaii and was taken aback by how powerfully it moved him to stand where World War II began in the United States—and how grateful he felt for the rangers protecting our past.

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Overhunted Otters Make a Comeback in Alaska

Otter fur is some of the plushest on the planet, and people hunted the animals to near-extinction for their soft, thick pelts. Fortunately, outlawing the sale of these pelts in 1911 has allowed their populations to recover. One great success stands out: Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve in Alaska, where the animals are thriving, and researchers are getting a fascinating peek into their daily lives and habits.

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ParkScapes Travel

ParkScapes Travel:
Spellbound in Big Bend

Walk amidst hauntingly beautiful landscapes in the massive canyons and desert expanses of Big Bend National Park.

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Photo Caption: Sun setting behind Santa Elena Canyon on the Rio Grande River Jason Langley/Reciprocity Images.

Preserve the Parks

Preserve the Parks

For the fourth consecutive year, Nature Valley is partnering with NPCA to help preserve America's national parks for generations to come. The Preserve the Parks™ program has provided more than $1.8 million in funding for restoration projects since 2010.

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More Ways to Support America’s National Parks!

There are many ways to support NPCA’s park protection work with a bequest—and it’s often as simple as updating a beneficiary form with your financial services provider. Options beyond a traditional will can include: checking or savings accounts, certificates of deposit, brokerage accounts, IRAs, life insurance policies, or savings bonds. Call Director of Gift Planning Morgan Dodd at 1-877-468-5775 or visit our website for details.

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Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular Renews Support for NPCA

For every new and existing customer who signs-up for e-billing before June 2014, Consumer Cellular will donate $5* to NPCA. Contributions will fund NPCA’s ongoing efforts and help ensure the parks are protected for generations to come. Visit Consumer Cellular online to learn more about plans and to sign up for their free e-billing program.

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*Guaranteed maximum donation of $150,000.


“I feel most American when I am standing in one of our sacred spaces. I feel the spirit, I feel the tradition, I feel appreciation, and I feel space. They are places for reconnecting—with oneself, with your family, with the greater world beyond your email inbox and worries. And I want to do my part to help ensure all the future generations of Americans have this same opportunity.”
-Jessica & Nick, shared last month on
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