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MAY 2013


Kobuk Valley National Park, Alaska

FEATURED PARK: Kobuk Valley National Park, Alaska

Experience the Arctic Circle on American soil at Kobuk Valley National Park—one of the most remote places in the park system. With no roads or facilities of any kind within the park, traveling here requires special planning and advanced backcountry experience—but the rewards are literally huge. See vast, pristine, awe-inspiring landscapes without another soul in sight, not counting the thousands of caribou!

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Theodore Roosevelt NP

Do Fracking and National Parks Mix? Balancing Energy Needs on Public Lands

Last month, NPCA released its new report, National Parks and Hydraulic Fracturing: Balancing Energy Needs, Nature, and America’s National Heritage, which examines the impact of existing, proposed, and potential oil and gas development on America’s national parks and offers recommendations to ensure that future drilling safeguards public health and the environment. With five in-depth case studies, the report connects the dots on how oil and gas fracking on lands adjacent to national parks can impact wildlife and resources inside the parks themselves.

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What Is a Pronghorn Worth?

National parks are places where all native species are protected, whether they’re grizzly bears, redwood trees, or microscopic bacteria. Yet species around the world are going extinct at an alarming rate. What is the value in preserving unique forms of life? Author Edward L. McCord examines the evolution of the pronghorn in this stirring appreciation of biodiversity, from the latest issue of National Parks magazine.

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Denali grizzly

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Protecting Bears in Alaska

After hearing from thousands of NPCA supporters in Alaska and the Northwest, the Park Service upheld temporary bans on objectionable hunting practices in national preserves throughout Alaska. At issue were state rules that allow shooting black bear cubs and sows with cubs, baiting brown bears, shooting wolves and coyotes when they have pups, and “spotlighting,” or shooting black bears while they hibernate. This is good news for wildlife in our northernmost preserves; the next step is to make these protections permanent.

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Preserving the Site That Galvanized a Movement

In 1969, police in New York City routinely conducted discriminatory raids against members of the gay community, arresting people for dancing, drinking, or wearing clothes that authorities did not consider to be “gender appropriate.” It was in this climate of intolerance and harassment that the patrons of the Stonewall Inn finally fought back one June night—and made history. The director of NPCA's Northeast Regional Office reflects on why this iconic landmark in the fight for equal treatment should be part of the National Park System.

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Sally Jewell

Congratulations, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell

NPCA applauds the confirmation last month of long-time former Board Member Sally Jewell as secretary of the Department of the Interior. An avid outdoorswoman, Sally spent several years in energy development and nearly two decades in banking before joining the outdoor retailer REI in 2000 and eventually becoming president and CEO in 2005. Her diverse experience, strong commitment to national parks, and passion for connecting people with nature make her an ideal choice as the cabinet member who will preside over the Park Service centennial in 2016.

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ParkScapes Travel

Autumn in Yosemite

As crowds disperse in the fall, our small-group tour will visit the Yosemite icons with a backdrop of autumn splendor--yellowing aspens and alders, orange oak, and reds of the sugar maple.

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Photo: Alpenglow on Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, California Mike Norton/Dreamstime

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“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
-Albert Einstein
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